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Full Circle

Energy Labs is the brainchild of Full Circle Group of Companies.


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Web Development

Web Development

When we do this, we give you the following things

Elegant Artwork
We believe that first impression lasts long. So we decorate you beautifully.
Superfast Pagespeed
The website won't stop working just like that. It will respond everytime.
Breath-taking Animations
We see magic in everything. We want you to be happy whenever you come to your website.
Superman Security
Do you really think we would let your website and our work get stolen just like that?
Fool-proof Maintenance
We maintain your website junk-free. We believe in keeping things organized and upgrading them
Domain Registration and Hosting
We are affiliated with BIGROCK.in for domain registration and hosting services. You want one? Click HERE

App Development

Application Development

We create Softwares and Apps for the following platforms

Windows Desktop
Depending on your requirement, we use framework which best suits your demand.
Linux Desktop
We also support open source environment users. We help them to get a beautiful app for themselves.
Java based Platform
You want super versatile cross platform software? We make it.
Windows Phone
You got a tab? Well, we can make something for it.
Android Phone
Fastest growing app network. And yes, we are contributing there too.
So you are a Apple user. No doubt you would want to grab a bite out of our App-ple.


Branding and Marketing

Looking for Brandifying and publicizing your product? We leave no stone unturned

We Design
We design your product in best possible style, shape and structure
We Blend
We then make that product become a reality. We get all the necessary stuff done to render quality and performance
We Publish
We help you publicize your product. We wildfire the thing over the internet through social media. We get you online just like that.
We Analyse
We make sure that your product is actually ready to own the market
We do SEO
We provide optimum Search Engine Optimization which will help you to get on top of all Search Engine results
We Strategize
We create the optimum strategy to distribute and publicize your product making sure that the maximum eyes see it.

Network Management

Network Management

Looking to setup a network?

We Design
We devise the best possible design for your network. Ranging from a small office to a corporation, we can design it.
We Build
We then suggest infrastructure and configure them. We deliver the best performing network.
We Analyze
We analyze your current network and suggest you improvements and upgradations if any.
We Manage
A good network is ensured only if it managed properly. And yes we do that too.
We Secure
No point in making good networks if they aren't secure. So we deploy a strong security so that no one dares enter it.
We Optimize
We keep on constantly maintaining and optimizing your network. It ensures smooth functioning

Accessories Designing

Accessories Design

Now this is Epic! You want an accessory to flash? We Make them

We design Tees in any way you want. You have something in your mind? Well we convert them into a garment
Bands and badges
Like flashy bands and badges? Tell us and we will make it happen. They rise and shine.
You have any magazine or write-up coming up? We design and publish them. And yes we do it best.
Posters, Stickers,Banners
You want a poster or sticker to flash? Well come to us and we will help you with that. You may surely boast off.
Logos depict everything. They flash and win people. And yes, we would do that too.
Official Stationary
You want Visiting Cards, Letter Heads, Cover Designs or Calenders to be designed? This is the right place buddy.

Security Analysis & Testing

Security Analysis and Testing

This is a crucial part. You built something and unsure whether it will work?

Product Analysis
You dream of a product and you want an honest opinion on its feasibility? We do that. And yes, we think with 10 brains.
Design Analysis
We analyze your design and judge if they are cool enough to roll out. And we do every test present for it.
Product Testing
We test your products and softwares for further upgradation and improvement. We don't let you roll out buggy things
Web Optimization
You made a website but it loads slow? Or it doesn't appear on searches? We optimize all codes for you. We make that happen best.
Security Analysis
We test security of your software or website and give a detailed report on it. You don't want things to go south there.
Product Optimization
After Analysing your product, we suggest you stuff you can do with it so that it can roll out in flying colors.


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The Team


Web Design
Web Development
Brand Designing
Internet Marketing
Accessories Design
Application Development
Security Analysis
Network Management
Our Skills

  • %90Web Designing and Development
  • %80IT Solutions Development
  • %70Animation Designing
  • %95Graphics Designing
  • %95Application Development
Information Bureau
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December 31, 2013
SwaRaksha Android Application Release Press Announcement

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