CEO Speaks

CEO Speaks

Energy Labs – Old Face, New hotness

Greetings and Regards from Energy Labs.

We are a young old and with new times, we thought about giving a defined look to our website.

Its been a lovely one year and we have grown since what we were a year ago. The past year has been about learning for us. While excelling with projects coming to us, we have been learning by leaps and bounds as well. We started of with knowing 10 Technologies and today we stand at 45.

Growth is measured by success. We think growth should be measured by your work. We had the opportunity to work with some of the big names in the industries and some young blood as well. We loved working with startups, being one we learned a lot from them as well. Every project was treated as our baby and we have worked really hard for each of them.

We haven’t been restricted to web design only! We made something called as What’s Your Excuse? A fun website to go on when everything gets boring on the net. It is addictive! We will assure you that. We have also been cooking something up! You will see what it is soon 😉

Launching this blog would be our way of telling you whats happening with us! This will be our official News portal! Anything and everything we feel needs to be shared, would be done here.

If you have anything to share with us, please feel free to drop in a mail to : [email protected]