College Intranet Application

Web Design / Web Dev

College Intranet Application is for departmental utility management. It is a product built for solving the common problems colleges/schools/educational institutions face in developing a contact with the students and their caretakers on a regular basis. It has a comprehensive feature list.

The College Intranet Applications covers all the functionalities in the department wise.

The following are the features present in the system.

  1. Attendance System
  2. Internal Marks
  3. E- Notes.
  4. Events.
  5. News and Constant updates.
  6. Mentor – Student Management
  7. Student and Placement Management
  8. Feedback
  9. Subjects and Syllabus

Operational Features

  1. A Full Fledged attendance system, every class and subject taken into consideration with attendance reports similar to a hard coded register.
  2. Access Level based on the subjects taken by the faculty member.
  3. Present Student Report and Absentee Count Reports.
  4. Internal Marks are automatically calculated and provides a readymade excel sheet available for download.
  5. Faculty members can Upload E-Notes for their respective subjects available directly to the students.
  6. Upload Syllabus for Each Subject.
  7. Super Admin Panel for allotting access and view all reports.
  8. Events with File Download Option.
  9. Online Students Directory


  1. Programming Language
  2. C# ( ASP.NET)
  3. Database
  4. Sql server 2008
  5. Design
  6. HTML , CSS
  7. Hosting Package
  8. Windows.